I am a working writer and photographer among other interests and expertise. The following areas I have mastered through the years. I wrote these up for friend after a long discussion over Saturday brunch. He didn't believe me, I don't think but when I gave him the list, he said, "You really are a Renaissance man."

Honestly, that thought never occurred to me until I wrote the list. I am rather astonished to tell you the truth but when I wrote and went back over it, I have hard-as-nails expertise in everything on the list. I will flesh it out into a full blow curriculum vitae in the coming few days and weeks.

So here is the list. More to come.Areas of expertise

Storyteller – lifetime

Activist for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health – lifetime

Public Speaker – 1972 to present

Personal and corporate communications

Corporate reorganization
Bylaws reviews, updates, rewrites

Education Aide – Texas Legislature 1990 – 1992

Chief of staff – Texas Legislature 1992 – 1997

Political Analyst – 1973 to present

Political Strategist – 1990 to present

Legislation Development – 1990 to present

Legislature Redistricting Expert – 2001 to present

Mediator – 1990 to present

Arbitrator – 1990 to present

Negotiator – 1990 to present

Certified Peer Counselor – 2017 to present

Legislative reporter – 1973 to present

Investigative Journalist – 1974 to present

Editorial Writer – 1974 to present

Essayist – 1969 to present

Editor – 1978 to present

Street Photographer – 1961 to present

Fashion, Food, Editorial Photographer – 1997 to present

Rancher – lifetime

Master Gardener – lifetime

Arborist – lifetime

Most importantly – Texas country boy – lifetime